Baseball Homerun Derby


Up to four players per team
Bat rules are the same as in-game bat rules
In case of a tie
In case of a tie, each player will have 30 seconds to hit as many home runs as possible. If still tied, the players will compete in a five-pitch hit off (most of 5). If neither player hits a homerun, the player with the longest ball hit out of the five will be declared winner. These tiebreaker rules will apply to all rounds, both days.
Break between Session
Anywhere it says “break between session” - this will be a player-called timeout similar to the MLB homerun derby.
Choose Pitcher
You can choose any pitcher but that pitcher must be the same throughout the entire event
Distances and Divisions
The pitcher can throw from any distance but must throw overhand and remain behind the screen

10u: 150’
11u: 175’
12u: 200’
13u: 225’
14u: 250’
15/16u: 250’
Day One - Saturday
Everyone hits - the top eight from the day will advance to day two. 45 second time limit with ONE 15 second break between sessions. Tiebreakers will take place at the END of day one.
Day Two - Sunday
Each player that advances to day two receives a 10% off registration for a Baseball Youth All-American Games of their choice.
Round One
Each player will face off in a single elimination bracket. 45 second time limit with ONE 15 second break between sessions. Seeding is determined by the following:

1. Homeruns hit the day prior
2. Team record on the weekend
3. Coin flip (If there are two competitors) / Random number Generator (more than two people) closest to the number chosen gets the higher seed
This round will follow the same guidelines as round one. However, home run count does not carry over and the hitter with the most home runs in round one decides if they hit first or second.

This format will be different from previous rounds. There will be a 1 minute and 30 second time limit with TWO 15 second breaks between sessions. The player with the most homeruns in the final round will be the champion. This will be scheduled to take place while no games are playing. All teams, players, coaches and families are invited and encouraged to watch the finals.

The Champion will receive individual awards, swag bags, a 25% registration for a Baseball Youth All-American Games of your choice, and media recognition for themselves and the team.

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